Middengeard: Scales of War

Session 2

6 Summer: The party delves deeper into the Rivenroar Catacombs. They discover the Von Jallach family crypt with it's runed floor and vision inducing fountain. Imprisoned therein they find Sertanian, the castellan of the Hall of Great Valor. The party prys up the magical runes and places them around the entrance hall to block passages.

     Down another branch they encounter a group of Hobgoblins, likely some of the same band that raided Brindol. Deafeating them and their goblin allies without much difficulty, the party enters a great room with a glowing portal showing a ruined castle in a swamp. A swamp denizen, an Ocre Jelly, notices their presence and enters through the portal. The battle is soon joined by spirits clad in ghostly vestments of centuries past. Unable to sufficiently wield thier mortal weaponry against them, the party fled and sealed the room, almost losing some of their number.

     The party retreats to the entrance and camps. Isembard summons an animal messanger to send to Brindol for aid. The next morning the party enters the catacombs again.

(End of 2nd Session)


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