Middengeard: Scales of War

Session 3

7 Summer: Delving deeper into the Rivenroar catacombs, the party pushes through the Rivenroar Crypt, discovering a shrine to Vecna. In the shrine proper, Mirtala the Cook is rescued. She is in shock and delerious, so she and Sertanian are brought back outside the catacombs for their safety.

     The party journeys back in, intrigued by a hobgoblins promise that 'past him is a fate worse than death'. They enter a very cold room. bodies encased in ice against the walls. The Chillborn in this room nearly destory the party, but Isembard's fire burns them out. The appearance of a Mad Wraith drives the party back to the lintel of the cold room, but is apparently barred from pursuing. The party decides to recouperate outside.

(End of 3rd Session. Session 4 will continue from the afternoon of the 7th)


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