Middengeard: Scales of War

Session 3

7 Summer: Delving deeper into the Rivenroar catacombs, the party pushes through the Rivenroar Crypt, discovering a shrine to Vecna. In the shrine proper, Mirtala the Cook is rescued. She is in shock and delerious, so she and Sertanian are brought back outside the catacombs for their safety.

     The party journeys back in, intrigued by a hobgoblins promise that 'past him is a fate worse than death'. They enter a very cold room. bodies encased in ice against the walls. The Chillborn in this room nearly destory the party, but Isembard's fire burns them out. The appearance of a Mad Wraith drives the party back to the lintel of the cold room, but is apparently barred from pursuing. The party decides to recouperate outside.

(End of 3rd Session. Session 4 will continue from the afternoon of the 7th)

Session 2

6 Summer: The party delves deeper into the Rivenroar Catacombs. They discover the Von Jallach family crypt with it's runed floor and vision inducing fountain. Imprisoned therein they find Sertanian, the castellan of the Hall of Great Valor. The party prys up the magical runes and places them around the entrance hall to block passages.

     Down another branch they encounter a group of Hobgoblins, likely some of the same band that raided Brindol. Deafeating them and their goblin allies without much difficulty, the party enters a great room with a glowing portal showing a ruined castle in a swamp. A swamp denizen, an Ocre Jelly, notices their presence and enters through the portal. The battle is soon joined by spirits clad in ghostly vestments of centuries past. Unable to sufficiently wield thier mortal weaponry against them, the party fled and sealed the room, almost losing some of their number.

     The party retreats to the entrance and camps. Isembard summons an animal messanger to send to Brindol for aid. The next morning the party enters the catacombs again.

(End of 2nd Session)

That brave deeds never be forgotten.

Dates are Elsirian Reckoning
3rd cycle of the Years of Bounty

48 Spring: The parties are sent from Overlook to all parts of Elsir Vale. Plum, Lowman, Nova, Randall, and Isembard are charged with spreading the word along the Dawn Way to Brindol. Leaving Overlook in the company of other messengers and traveling east along the Dwarfroad, the party leaves the foothills of the Stonehome and enters the Westdeep. The company camps in the Westdeep, displaying an envoy banner to avoid conflict with the elves of that forest.

49 Spring: The company reaches the edge of the Westdeep.

50 Spring: The company exits Westdeep early in the day and passes into the hills north of the Wyrmsmoke.

51 Spring: The company reaches Wyrmsmoke pass before nightfall. Part of the company makes ready to head south through the pass the following day.

52 Spring: The company passes out of the hills and onto the grasslands of the Vale proper.

53 Spring: Mid morning the company reaches the Dawn Way Crossroads. Again the company splits, some heading north, some heading south. The party camps and plans to cross Skull Gorge in the morning.

54 Spring: The company arrives at the ruins of Skull Gorge bridge and pass over the replacement cabled bridge. The company enters the fringe of the Witchwood, once again displaying their envoy banner.

55 Spring: Company reaches Drellin's Ferry. Some head south.

56 Spring: Company Reaches Terrelton. Some head south to the Hammerfist Holds.

1 Summer: Company reaches Nimon Gap.

2 Summer: Company reaches Talar. Some head south to Dauth.

3 Summer: Party reaches Brindol. Remaining non party company continues on towards Marthton and Dennovar.

4 Summer: Party has initial meetings with Brindol Council, informing them of Orog strength. Council is unenthusiastic and goes into deliberations.

5 Summer: Deliberations continue. That evening, Brindol is attacked by Hobgoblins. The party, gathered at the Antler and Thistle, are caught in the middle of the raid. Fending off the monsters and saving the Thistle's Red Hand banner, the party pushes through the night in pursuit of the raiders. Tracking the hobgoblins, the party makes their way through the foothills and up into the Giantshield Mountains.

6 Summer: Just before dawn they come to the ruins of Rivenroar Castle. The find a defensible position and get some rest. Shortly before midday they breach the catacombs.   

(End of 1st Session)


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