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  • Basileus Maro Gregoras

    The Emperor. His symbol is a double headed eagle perched on a stone wall. He is 61 years old and has reigned as Emperor for 33 of those. He is in good health, though his formerly built physique has lapsed as he's grown older. His features are sharp, …

  • Varazes

    A mysterious imperial agent. Stands about 5'5'' and has short black hair. He has a slight build which he tries to offset by wearing large or padded clothing.

  • Exarch Rogatus Simacetta

    Head of the Hypatios Exarchy. His governing power has been stripped in fact, though not in name. He enjoys the pleasures that having power and being rich can bring, but not exercising the responsibilities that those entail. Since becoming Exarch he is not …

  • Lokhagos Donus Xylos

    Imperial Navy. Appointed to serve as Kephale of the city of Limana. He has been relieved of his duties along with the Exarch. He is a middle aged man who's black hair has mostly turned to grey. Nonetheless, he maintains strong features and a strong …

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