Nova Foxheart

Nova possesses an almost unearthly beauty and stillness.  She wears her platinum blond hair very short, with long, sideswept bangs.  Her skin is very, very fair and her eyes are a piercing dark indigo. She dresses in black leather armor, tall boots and fingerless gloves.  Her weapons are two longswords, as well as a longbow, which she carries strapped across her back.  She loves a good fight and eagerly rushes to join battle.  However, when she is not fighting, she is so still that she seems more like a statue than a living being.

Having been raised comfortably, but bored with learning her family's merchant trade and tired of their pretensions to culture and class, Nova has recently decided to escape her parents' affectations and vapidity by turning to a life of adventure.

 Sergeant Plum

Taller than most humans, this rust colored dragon born is one of the anomolies, born to human parents but afflicted from the dragon aura.  He keeps his weapons and armored polished and has a profound military bearing, always standing and sitting upright.  He doesn't say much outside of battle; in battle he yells and curses and generally leads from the front.

Plym enlisted in the army to get away from the disapointment of his family.  Though he rose quickly to sergeant through his abilities, he was discharged due to pressures from officers and men affraid of his look.  He retains his military quality, even if he has grown some discontent at his discharge.

 Randall Hemlock

Randall is a human of medium height and athletic build who goes out of his way to appear plain. He is a former agent of Lord Lucien, and that line of work required a certain talent for blending in with a crowd. He doesn’t have much experience with out and out combat and ends up being a little too quick to get himself into trouble.

After a run-in with Lord Jarmaath, he reevaluated how he wanted to live his life and ended up deciding that getting out of the city to do some work for the people would help put his mind at ease. He didn’t realize he would be in the thick of it, but is willing to accept it as part of his new life.

Icembard “Bear Bait” Holdfast

A stout and somewhat doughty dwarf, Icembard is covered in the skin of a slain bear, a thick set of leather breeches, and not much else. His hair is ragged and wild, his beard unkempt and windblown. His face is streaked in dirt. His eyes are probing and ranging. Little escapes his notice.
Icembard is the forgotten son of a dissolved clan of a Dwarven city, a child of nature and a hunter in his own right. Disillusioned with the whole of the Dwarven society, and society in general, Icembard took to the hills. He learned the ways of nature and liked what he found. The strong survive, surely, but there are cycles and miracles that happen without worry or thought. It lacked the falsities and forced nature of “society.” Now he wonders if society may be redeemed at all, and has taken to wandering looking for an honest man or woman to restore his faith in sentient creatures.


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