Previous Campaigns

Dates given in Notaran reckoning.

1st Day of Summer: The Grand Festival of Notaras begins. Competitors from all over the World test their abilities in the capitol.

20th Day of Summer: The Grand Festival ends. Closing Ceremonies. In respect to Thoimarin Purification begins at sundown. 

Purification 2: The 2nd day of the purification after the Grand Festival, rumors go around that a discreet adventuring party is being sought. Party is interviewed and recruited by 'Varazes'

Purification 3: Party is selected to travel to Limana, with the help of Archmage Dragases members and equipment are teleported there instantaneously. Party meets up with Alexis and townsfolk. They prepare to leave. That night lizardmen attack.

Purification 4: Party evacuates town. Igthis and Raoul loot. Lizardmen are seen in the woods. Raoul shoots a gator.

Purification 5: Party reaches the old road. That evening Pelagius is eaten by a swarm, others injured. Ekdi attacks Moh and battle ensues. Hess, Igthis, and Moh killed.

Purification 6-8: Travelling the old road.

Purification 9: In the early hours of the morning Xylos and Therebos hear strange noises coming from the woods in the distance. They do not investigate as they seem to have nothing to do with the party. When dawn breaks Raoul and Lucius ride out to investigate and find a grisly scene. They follow it's trail for a little while, but do not find what is causing it. The party returns to the road and travels.
     Later in the afternoon while approaching the hills the party hears sounds coming from the woods off the road. Investigating rather unsteathily thanks to Therebos, the party encounters a group of gnolls with captives. A fierce battle ensues resulting in the gnolls and hyenas retreating, but with massive damage dealt to the party. The captives are rescued, however, and the battered adventurers return to the road. The captives are Pilgrims heading to Notaras to discern the legitimacy of a doomsaying prophet.
     The party takes brief respite, and presses on to Macsen's Keep. Met by Laurel and Charl on the watch, they summon Sabine, the gatekeeper and the party takes shelter at the 'Green Man' for the night.

Purification 10: Therebos raises concern by summoning bleeding stone into Keep. The party makes good their contract, meet Castellan Devereau and Master Nashe, get Keep scrip. The party learns of the existence of a series of caves, ventures out with wizard Dubricious. Finding the caves half a day down the road, the party enters and discovers a troll's lair and a goblin hold. The troll, Therebos, and Dubricious are killed. The party returns to the Keep.

Purification 11: Party sets off for Keep again. Encounter bandits on road, dispatch them handily with the help of recently joined Alkander. At the caves, the party reengages the goblins and wipes them from the caves. Alexis is killed by hobgoblins in the battle. Party returns to Keep where Alexis is raised by a cleric known only as 'The Wanderer' in exchange for Ekdi taking an oath to Elaneen.

Purification 12: A day of rest.

Purification 13: Back to the caves. After exploring the goblins cave, a passage is discovered to another series, this one filled with undead. Including some with sentience. The party destroys them, but lose Alkander. Battered, the party limps back towards the Keep, but encounters a Leucrotta on the way. Assisted by the knight Grimsig, the beast is driven back into the forest. The party returns to the Keep.

Purification 14: Lucius, Grimsig, and Alexis retrieve Alkanders body (noticing that some burial preparations had been made in their absence) and return to keep. Abercrombie buries Alkander near Therebos.

Purification 15: Party ventures back towards caves, encountering a bullette, which they defeat. They discover the merchant Mendels abandoned cart and a trail leading off into the woods. Following, they discover a secret door set into a hill. Inside is a company of skeletons. After a brief stare down, the skeletons close the door. The party gathers Mendels cart and mules and return to the Keep.

Purification 16: Party discuss prospects. Raoul begins plot to free the prophet Io from his guards Havar and Jon. Party, minus Dromus and Ekdi, decide to scout north woods looking for Bee Man, a mysterious hermit, and the Leucrotta. Ambushed by bandits, Grimsig falls. The party is lost in the woods and wanders for hours. The leucrotta begins to stalk them, finally engaging. Lucius and Raoul fall. Alexis flees. Alexis is captured by bandits.

Summer 37: Bandits, moving with Alexis as prisoner, are attacked by spiders. Alexis attempts to escape, but fails. Spiders kill bandit guide. Bandits wander through the woods and are attacked by gnolls. Gnolls kill some, and take bandit party and Alexis prisoner. March through the night to the gnoll camp.

Summer 38: Before dawn the gnolls interrogate Alexis. She is put to work. That afternoon, Alexis overpowers her guards and makes a run for it. Blasting through a watch patrol, and invoking the divine aid of Thoimarin, she makes it safely back to the Keep.

Summer 40: Alexis leaves Keep with caravan of refugees, the prophets group, Xylos, and The Wanderer for Notaras. Dromus, with treasures from the caves, parts ways to sow chaos elsewhere. Ekdi, made an outsider, parts company as well with his share.

Summer 66: Party arrives in Notaras. Refugees disperse, The Wanderer returns to the road, Xylos makes contact with Notaran Imperial Navy, Io is brought the High Priest of Thoimarin. Alexis spreads word of the caves.

Summer 67-74: Alexis gathers new party and all set off back to the Keep.

Summer 94: Party arrives at Keep, finding it much changed. Undead have been troubling the Keeps inhabitants, even staging an attack (which is suspected to have been aided from the inside). Abercrombie, Cob the woodsman, and Jolan and Jud Lum are missing, having ventured out to scout the situation. Horned warrior in black armor has been seen. Party takes stock and mans watch through the night.

Fall 1: Before dawn Joop spies movement in the graveyard outside the walls. Party engages and destroys grave robbers. During the day, Hrothgar leads a scouting party in a 1/2 mile radius around Keep to get a lay of the land. Alrik prepares and inspires townfolk.

Fall 2: Party journeys towards caves. Encounters strange tower, which turns out to be a predatory creature. Party topples and slays the tower creature, but Zelic is crushed. Party continues towards caves, after a number of hours in the woods they make their way to the secret door Alexis had found previously. Party destroys undead guards, but does not venture far in. Making their way out, they are made aware they are being watched, likely by bandits. Hrothgar and Alrik scare them off. Party returns to keep shortly after dark.

Fall 3: Party returns to secret door, are accosted by black knight, Torius of Bynwyth, en route. Hrothgar dispatches him in single combat. The door is breached and the party travels down a long tunnel, encountering a mesmerized congregation and the image of a goddess. Almost all are taken in. Hrothgar destroys image and throne. Noise attracts attention and the party is set upon by undead (including an animated troll) being led by the cleric Nisir and Tarlech the Necromancer. Party is forced to retreat. Belasarius and Hrothgar fall. Remnants return to keep, on the way they encounter the bee man. Alric agrees to assist him with the bees.

Fall 4: Alric returns from his visit with the bee man. There is a conference with Devereau concerning the state of things at the caves. He is wary. Asenath also conferred. At midnight a call goes up from the gate that a caravan has been ambushed. At the request of 'Lady' Nore, the party goes to investigate. It is an ambush by Kira the huntress. The party slays Nore and, with the aid of Ulrocs the Necropolitan possessed by Durandel and Kostya the elven druid and pack, all ambushers are hunted down. On returning to the keep the newcomers are met with suspicion. Alexis vouches for them. Once inside, Hrothgar begins an investigation of his own, threatening Asenath and breaking into mouses store and home. He escapes without being seen. Alric strikes a deal with Asenath to let the matter slide.

Fall 5: Company enlists Kimber Lum to watch horses. All ride for the caves. A bandit ambush is dispatched on the way. Attempting a ruse to enter the gorge, the patrols see through it and battle ensues. Scouts are destoryed and party progresses into gorge. They are met by the priestess Wer with support from Tarlech. Alexis destroys Wers forces and the party chases Tarlech into his cave. They fight past a rust monster and discover some prisoners. They burn Tarlechs library. Hrothgar is hit by a sepia snake sigil. The party gathers him up and retreats as the cave fills with smoke. Outside, the party is ambushed by Hesselwhite and Co. Kostya is poisoned. Hrothgar is stuffed into a bag of holding, Kostya is left behind. Alexis and Alric make a run for it. Alexis is poisoned on the way out, but not debilitated. Alexis, Alric, and Kimber return to the keep.
     Kostya is imprisoned and brought to the cult temple. He is initiated into the Nergal cult.

Fall 6: Hrothgar is arrested and sentenced. Ulrocs body burns. Kostya is released by the cult. Alric makes plans to head to Jinny, donating Hrothgars armor to the keep in exchange for supplies. Alric divests himself of the bargain with Asenath, who is very annoyed. Alexis updates Devereau. Around midday, Kostya returns to the keep.

Fall 7: Alric departs for Jinny, but returns before nightfall. The brothers Bellairaphon and Torin Amnest arrive at the keep. introductions are made and Devereau hosts them in the guildhouse.

Fall 8: Torin heals Kostya, all but Kostya scout road. They encounter and kill the leucrotta. Returning to the keep, Asenath identifies the Leucrotta spoils.

Fall 9: The party rides for the caves. Breaching the main temple, the enitre hierarchy of the temple and all remaining underlings are destroyed. They recover the Crown of Erishkegal. A portal to an evil place is open. Abercrombie (his soul trapped elsewhere) and some Barsenaillan prisoners are rescued. Kostya flies to the keep to summon aid. Meanwhile the party investigates the caves and builds a pyre out of bodies and consumables outside. The party travels through the night to return to the keep. They hear something incredibly large in the woods on the way.

Fall 10: Loot is cataloged. Alric and Alexis deny Asenath her share. Bellairaphon honors bargain. Asenath takes tablets of Nergal and Erishkegal, a ring that prevents aging, and an amulet of emergency healing. Kostya flies to caves to scout. Alexis prays for Abercrombies deliverance. Bellairaphon convinces Jocylyn the tanner, Jerrick the Butcher, 2 of his sons and 2 of his nephews, and Third to journey with them back to the caves.

Fall 11: Party rides to caves. Investigate Kobald cave, discover dark passage leading deep into the ground. Venturing in, they find a series of passageways that turn them in circles. Encountering and defeating a guardian of the labyrinth, they claim its head and half its breastplate. The party unexpectedly returns to the door they came in, and decides to head back to the Keep. Returning without incident shortly after nightfall, they give the head to Jocylyn to preserve and query Aseneth on the nature of the labyrinth and what the strange markings on the breastplate mean. She indicates that they bear marking denoting the nothingness beyond creation, that which once was but is no longer. These guardians guard something hidden, and old.

Fall 12: The party and Third venture back to the caves and enter the labyrinth in the same way as before. Turned around once again, they dead end. Kostya discovers a secret door, but they are unable to open it. In the time they take attempting it, they are cornered by another guardian, which they defeat.

Previous Campaigns

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