The continent of Valendras:

Notaras: A congealing of Mid-late Byzantium. Emperor is dedicated to Thoimarin, the goddess of civilization and law. Is composed of many states, some led by Despotes, some lead by Warlords. 'Red' on the map.

Barcenillas: A kingdom with a Spanish flavor. Most of the area is on top of a large plateau which rapidly breaks into cliffs as you approach the sea. Noted for prowess in the breeding of animals. 'Green' on the map.

Rockhaven: Bearing English traits. Shares territory with a Column of the Sky. Noted for stone merchants and engineers. 'Blue' on the map.

Thekimval: Goliath territory. Most tribes of Goliaths wander from peak to peak, tending their goat flocks and foraging for alpine roots and tubers. Typically, a tribe sets up a temporary village in an alpine meadow and remains there for a month or two, then moves on when the season changes or better hunting can be found elsewhere. 'Brown' on the map.

Jinny: A small halfling community. No major exports, but they trade their surplus of tobacco, fish, and mundane crafted items for things they can't make themselves. Non-militaristic, they like to keep to themselves. They are not unfriendly; it's just that their worldview rarely extends past their own borders. When threatened they retreat into their homes in the hills and hunker down till the threat passes. They are very accomplished fishers and enjoy fishing in the lakes and rivers near their home. They regard Velo as a friend of the community. 'Purple' on the map.

Nienelas: A grand city of Elves nestled in the ancient treetops. The longevity of their people allows them to focus on certain artistic disciplines and strive that much more for perfection in their art. Aesthetic crafts of all kinds, painting, sculpture, bladework and archery are prominent. Their work is exported to many different civilizations and their people are sought after to teach and tutor. They disdain ugliness and depravity and seek to eliminate it wherever it is found. 'Yellow' on the map.

The Southern Ocean:

Beredoo: If you mix south sea islanders and Hawaiians and make them slightly more mechanically inclined you'd have a good idea of the Beredoo. Their island chain includes a prominent volcano. They worship the islands themselves as a life giving deity.


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